What shall one give in exchange for one's soul? spirituality in the healthcare setting

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The current environment in healthcare is at a crossroads regarding the understanding of the role spirituality plays in the dynamic of physical healing. Although there is evidence to support the importance of the spiritual and religious lives of patients, it is difficult for members of the medical and nursing staff to make the time to learn more about the care of the soul. Hospital chaplains work within this healthcare environment to advocate for the spiritual needs of patients and to assess and meet those needs. It is also their role to offer the healthcare team their expertise in the area of spiritual and religious diversity. As healthcare ·continues to advance, and as health care providers seek to integrate a more biopsychosocial model of patient care, it is the responsibility of professional spiritual care providers to ensure important spiritual elements are included within patient care plans and staff education programs. This demonstration project revolved around a course I developed called The Soul of Healing, which comprises three teaching sessions with accompanying PowerPoint presentations. Since I am a Supervisor in the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, I first trained the residents in the Clinical Pastoral Education program, and then had them train nursing staff on one of their assigned patient care units at a designated medical center in the southwestern United States.  
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